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E-Tablet Solutions

E-Tablet Solutions

With the development and progress of retail, traditional paper price tags can no longer meet the needs of frequent information replacement, unified management and environmental protection in the new retail field. The application of EPD in smart retail makes up for the shortcomings of traditional paper price tags. It is able to switch information freely and manage the background data integratedly so that merchandise information can be quickly, accurately and timely managed and released, which saves labor costs and realizes the demands of environmental protection.
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Splicable E-paper Signage S253

S253 E-paper signage utilizes E Ink Gallery Plus color electronic paper display technology with cyan, magenta, yellow, and white electronic ink particles.

E-notebook H101
H101 E-notebook uses a 10.1” smart e-paper display that gives paper-like visual experience as E-paper features no emitted light itself.
Digital Whiteboard H420
H420 digital whiteboard uses a 42” black and white large-size electronic paper display with Android 12.0 OS.
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