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Enhancing Patient Care with Seekink’s T116 E-paper Room Information Display

At Seekink, we firmly believe that delivering the best care to patients goes beyond medical expertise. It encompasses creating a supportive and informative environment that promotes comfort and peace of mind. Our T116 E-paper Room Information Display is designed to do just that. With our 11.6-inch large display, place-and-play functionality, customizable information options, and patient room information showcase, this electronic paper display combines convenience and innovation to improve the way healthcare facilities communicate with their patients.

The Power of an 11.6’’ Large Display

Seekink’s T116 E-paper Room Information Display features an impressive 11.6-inch screen, providing ample space to present patient-related information clearly and concisely. From room numbers and visiting hours to staff schedules and medical instructions, the large display ensures that patients and their families can access crucial details at a glance. With improved readability and a sleek design, our e-paper patient information screens contribute to a positive patient experience.

Seamless Place & Play Integration

Gone are the days of complicated installations and time-consuming setups. Seekink’s T116 E-paper Room Information Display offers seamless place-and-play functionality, allowing healthcare facilities to integrate these digital displays effortlessly. Simply mount the device on the desired location and let the display do the rest. This adaptability eliminates unnecessary disruptions and minimizes downtime, ensuring a smooth transition into an improved patient communication system.

Customizable Information Options

Every healthcare facility has unique needs, and Seekink understands the importance of customization. Our T116 E-paper Room Information Display provides comprehensive information customizability, empowering healthcare professionals to tailor the content according to their specific requirements. Whether it’s displaying patient names, medical alerts, or upcoming procedures, the flexibility of our e-paper patient information screens enables hospitals to deliver personalized care while maintaining a streamlined communication process.

Showcasing Patient Room Information

The Seekink T116 E-paper Room Information Display acts as a dynamic patient room digital signage solution. By digitally showcasing vital information outside each room, patients and visitors can quickly identify the right room, locate staff members, and stay informed about any changes or updates. This enhanced visibility minimizes confusion, enhances efficiency, and fosters a sense of security within healthcare facilities.


In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication is pivotal in delivering exceptional patient care. Seekink’s T116 E-paper Room Information Display improves the way healthcare facilities manage patient information. Our electronic paper display is a trusted solutions with our large display, place-and-play integration, customizable options, and patient room showcase. Experience the power of Seekink electronic paper display system and witness firsthand how it enhances patient satisfaction, improves communication, and contributes to an overall positive healthcare experience. Upgrade your facility with e paper patient information screen and patient room digital signage today.