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ePaper Displays & Services
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We are always at the forefront of the industry, providing high-quality ePaper displays of various color options and sizes, as well as the optical bonding sevices to customers worldwide.

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ePaper Display Categories

Seekink, as an indsutry-leading e-ink display manufacturer, delivers customized electronic paper displays & modules to customer worldwide. By integrating R&D and manufacture together, we are able to bring the latest ePaper technologies into mass production.

Monochrome Display

Deliver black & white displays of various sizes, features including size and greyscale supporting further customization.

3/4-Pigment Display

Deliver displays of  tri-color (black, white & red/yellow) and four-color (black, white, red, and yellow).

7-Color Display

We can manufacture and provide 7-color e-paper displays.

Full-color Display

We can provide e-ink Gallery TM and E6 and other full color screen.

ePaper Solutions


We Offer ePaper Devices & Services

As a renowned ePaper display manufacturer based in China, since its inception in June 2015, Seekink has been poised to offer business clients a diversified range of sustainable e-paper modules and hardware.
we provide all sizes of displays covering 1-42 inches to meet various customized needs. Now, we are focusing more attention on creating assembly and lamination services as well as innovation solutions catering to more IoT industries.
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