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SEEKINK E-Paper Display Product

 Seekink is a professional e-ink display manufacturer in China, developing electronic paper technology in various colors, types, sizes, and energy consumption, etc. Our best-quality digital paper displays are widely used in IoT fields, transforming the future in a sustainable way. Compared to traditional display technologies(LCD & LED), e-paper displays have many benefits, featuring energy efficiency, zero light pollution indoors & outdoors, eye protection, lightweight, and wide application.

Here are some Seekink hot-selling e-paper screen module products, with OEM & ODM service.

SEEKINK E Paper One Stop Solution

  Seekink is a leading e-paper display company in China to provide one-stop services in the IoT field:

Smart Transportation, Smart Workplace, Smart Healthcare, Smart Advertising, Smart Logistics, Smart Education, EPD Tablet.

  Seekink is equipped with a first-class R&D center and professional mass machines to produce our various EPDs, such as electronic shelf labels, E-readers, and handwriting E-notebooks, which are widely applied in retail, education, healthcare, logistics, and office spaces. Focusing on research and development, production and sales of best electronic paper displays (EPDs), Seekink has been recognized by the international market, establishing its service networks around the world.

  With Seekink’s cutting-edge digital paper display product, your company will streamline many operations and enhance customer experience. We can supply best and cost-effective solutions to meet your business’s needs. Whether you are looking for e-ink products & solutions for smart retail or smart logistics, Seekink will be your reliable manufacturer & provider.

Smart Office

EPaper devices help facilitate your workplace productivity. No matter whether e-ink notebooks, digital whiteboards, or employee ID cards, they are here to interconnect employees to improve information mobility, streamline communication, and keep important notes, etc. Thus further enhancing productivity to yield more outcomes.

Smart Transportation

E-paper technologies are boosting the transformation of conventional transportation information display, by providing real-time information, serving as dynamic signage, providing wayfinding information, reducing paper water and promoting energy efficiency.

Smart Healthcare

Devices with ePaper display help improve smart healthcare by providing real-time updates, enabling remote monitoring, displaying medical records, serving as digital signage, and reducing paper waste and potential errors caused by effortless communications.

Smart Signage

Smart Signage transmits exceptional advertising or creative content via our e-ink devices. Backed by ace ePaper display technology, these full-color screens bring creative ideas to life and enable businesses to deliver refreshing content that engages, informs, and entertains

About E-Paper Manufacturer SEEKINK

Seekink’s manufacturing journey of high-quality module and one-stop solution & service

for e-paper color display.

  Seekink’s manufacturing journey of high-quality module and one-stop solution & service for e-paper color display.
  Seekink is a Chinese high-tech enterprise founded in June 2015 with a large capital of 41 million USD (286 million CNY). Our headquarter is located in Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, with branches in Shenzhen and Shanghai, and subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Vietnam. Seekink has been playing an important role in the e-paper industry with its advanced technology, good quality, and increasing investment.
  As a professional digital paper display manufacturer, Seekink will provide you sustainable e-paper modules at a competitive price, and innovative solutions for smart office, retail, healthcare, education, transportation, etc.




Top Experts




IoT Industries


Monthly Capacity

5M $

Annual R&D Invest

Why Choose EPDs Provider SEEKINK

With more than 8-year experience, Seekink can provide the best quality EPD modules and support different one-stop solutions in the IoT field. Many customers choose Seekink. They not only believe in electronic paper product, but also enjoy our good service attitude. “Reputation First, Customers Foremost” is the aim of Seekink service.

Trusted by Our Partners

Professional e-paper manufacturer Seekink is highly recognized by leading companies worldwide

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Seekink is at the forefront of electronic paper company, offering sustainable EPD modules and one-stop solutions.

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