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H101 E-Paper Digital Notebook: An Eco-friendly and Eye-friendly Smart Workbook

In today’s society, people pay more attention to environmental protection and health. Using traditional paper and pen to record work content not only wastes resources but also causes pollution to the environment. And using ordinary tablets or phones to read or write will hurt your eyes and need frequent charging. Is there a digital notebook that is eco-friendly, eye-friendly and easy to use? The answer is yes! That is the H101 E-Paper Digital Notebook from Seekink electronic paper display!




The H101 E-Paper Digital Notebook or Seekink digital noteboard is a smart workbook that integrates multiple functions in one device. It uses the latest e-paper technology to display a 10.1-inch high-definition screen with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. Unlike traditional LCD screens, electronic paper display does not emit light and only consumes a small amount of power when turning pages. This can protect your eyes from irritation and fatigue and save energy and extend battery life. The H101 E-Paper Digital Notebook or digital noteboard also has various colors to choose from, suitable for different application fields.


The H101 E-Paper Digital Notebook is not just a smart device. It is also a content management tool. You can annotate, highlight and extract information from your handwritten content on it. You can also import your files or images into the device and perform classification, search, share and other operations. The H101 E-Paper Digital Notebook helps you manage your notes and files better and improve your work efficiency.


The H101 E-Paper Digital Notebook is not just a reader or a writing pad. It is also a powerful and flexible smart device. It is powered by the ARM Cortex A55 processor and has 2GB+32GB (customizable) storage space. Based on the Android system, it can support third-party applications. In addition, it has speakers and supports various audio and image formats, so you can enjoy music or comics in your spare time.


The H101 E-Paper Digital Notebook is a smart workbook that can help you improve your work efficiency and enjoy your leisure time. It is eco-friendly and eye-friendly, with a high-definition display and a long-lasting battery. It is powerful and flexible, with a fast processor and an Android system. It is excellent and natural, with a Wacom pen and a content management tool. It is also highly customizable, with various colors and specifications to choose from.




The H101 E-Paper Digital Notebook is a product of Xinnode, a leading company in the e-paper industry with strong capital, global network, core technology, first-class equipment and quality management. If you want to know more about the H101 E-Paper Digital Notebook or get a quote, please contact us. We will provide you with the best service and the best product. H101 E-Paper Digital Notebook, an eco-friendly and eye-friendly smart workbook for you!