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How Electronic Paper Display Can Boost Your Business Performance

If you are looking for a display technology that can replace traditional paper, save energy, and protect your eyes, you should consider electronic paper display (EPD). EPD is a display technology that simulates the appearance of ink on paper. It does not emit light like conventional displays, but reflects ambient light. It also only consumes power when changing the content on the screen, which means it can last for a long time without electricity.


About us 


E-paper display is a display technology that provides a screen that resembles paper with high contrast and wide view angle. It is highly reflective and gentle to the eyes, as it does not emit light but reflects ambient light. It also has very low power consumption and bi-stable display, which means it only uses power when updating the content on the screen and can retain the screen after power failure.


Innovation and creation


Seekink’s optical bonding is a technology that improves the performance and quality of electronic paper displays (EPDs) for various IoT applications. Optical bonding of Seekink eliminates the air gap between the glass or touch panel and the EPD, which enhances the readability, durability, and contrast ratio of the display. Optical bonding of Seekink also prevents condensation and reflection of ambient light, which makes the display more pleasant and natural to view. Optical bonding of Seekink is a leading technology in the e-paper industry, and Seekink is a company that specializes in EPDs for various fields such as smart retail, smart education, smart office, smart healthcare, and smart logistics.


Seekink has mastered the industry-leading core technology of e-paper display modules and optical bonding. It has more than 70 patents and has participated in the formulation of several standards for the e-paper industry.


Seekink has first-class R&D and production equipment to ensure the quality and efficiency of its products. It also follows the ISO9001:2015 quality certification and modern enterprise management mode.


Seekink has a global network of subsidiaries and partners that can provide services to customers all over the world. It has signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with E Ink, the world’s leading e-paper technology provider.

Seekink has a comprehensive capability of product process development and automation equipment development. It can offer customized solutions for different IoT applications and scenarios.Why choose us?


But not all EPD products are created equal. Some are better than others in terms of quality, reliability, and customization. That’s why you should choose Jiangxi Xingtai Technology Co.,Ltd, one of the best e-paper display manufacturers and suppliers in the market. Seekink electronic paper display is a company that specializes in providing EPD solutions for various industries. We mainly supply e-ink screen e-paper modules (not the main product).




If you are looking for a reliable and professional e-paper display manufacturer and supplier to provide you with EPD solutions for your business needs, you should consider Seekink. We are committed to providing you with the best products and services at competitive prices. Contact Seekink today and discover how EPD can boost your business performance.