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Questions & Answers

Solve the problems you care on ePaper solutions.

EPD support hot swapping. When changing different EPD module, please disconnect the cable from PCB. Then remove EPD module from PCB and connect to another EPD module.

If you need certain specific parameter of a product or the user guide, we may assign a professional to provide necessary help for you. However, if you need professional and in-depth help concerning protocols and integration, we may ask you or your company to sign an NDA or some written necessary documents, before we providing the protocol or code.

The H108 and H101 e-notebooks come with Wacom EMR pens. The pencil, with 1096 pressure, brings perfect handwriting experience.

Well, it depends. Modules are not waterproof. Some of the products for outdoor use are engineered with waterproof or dustproof design, such as the S312 smart signage (IP65 rated). But some products for indoor use are not waterproof. Say there are specialized needs for waterproof design, you may contact the team for further customization. Most SEEKINK products support feature customization.

Surely. There is an export option and you may export the note into your personal cloud drive.

The waterproof rating varies from the products. Our TAG series including the doorplate, Bluetooth ID card, and patient info display are designed with IP67 rating. For some large-sized products like S312, H420, they comes with IP65 weatherproof. But these products support customization and surely we could improve the IP rating to higher level.

If they allow direct integration, how is this achieved?

–If you have your own local/cloud server, we could help connect the hardware devices with your cloud server or providing you the connecting protocols. Surely, we can provide our server to connect with your devices, if you do not process a local/cloud server. However, we highly recommend you to apply for your own server or cloud, and we could do some help in cloud deployment.

Currently, we provide 4 integrating methods to update frames- cloud integration, Dongle integration, smartphone and Ethernet integration. For more detailed information how the integrations are achieved, please see the product catelogy.

Sure. We provide local data transmission methods apart from cloud transmission, via Dongle and Ethernet integration.

Yes. Be mindful that the partial refresh is only available in black-and-white devices, and not for those with full color or multiple color options.

We provide a 12-month warranty for ePaper solutions we offer. We don’t provide the extended warranty currently. However, if you do need an extended warranty, we may take that into our warranty plan.

The update time varies from the color options of the devices. Black-and-white devices like S312 eink bus stop and H420 digital whiteboard, the update time is less than 500ms. While the S253 with full color options needs about 20 second to update a frame.

Several communication options are provided.

a). Update the data via app in the flask disk. The unit will come with flask disk containing an application, which allows you to freely update the information.

b). Update the data via HDMI port locally.

c). Update images via cloud server.

d). Update device Bluetooth base station.

Some product are engineered for outdoor like, such as the S312 signage display. While the S253 full color signage is only for indoor use.