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Elevate Productivity and Gratitude with the H101 E-Paper Digital Notebook

At Seekink, our dedication extends beyond innovation; it encompasses a sense of gratitude and appreciation for our valued customers. The H101 E-Paper Digital Notebook stands as a testament to our commitment, blending technology, creativity, and the spirit of Thanksgiving into a powerful tool for high-efficiency work.

Introduction to Electronic Paper

Electronic Paper, known as e-paper, represents a revolutionary display technology that harmoniously merges the tactile feel of traditional paper with modern digital capabilities. Seekink eletronic paper screens offer an experience that combines efficiency with the comforting familiarity of traditional mediums.

Key Features of the H101 E-Paper Digital Notebook

Large-Sized High-Resolution Display: The H101 showcases a crystal-clear 10.1″ screen with a high resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels, ensuring your writing and text appear vivid and sharp. The screen is equipped with anti-blue light glass to reduce eye strain during extended use. A high screen-to-body ratio maximizes the display area, allowing for the presentation of more information at once.

Gratitude for Paperless Reading: Leveraging the latest electronic paper technology with 16 grey levels and 218 DPI, the H101 offers a remarkably realistic writing experience compared to traditional tablets. The screen replicates the tactile feel of paper, providing a familiar and comfortable writing experience. The anti-blue light design ensures reduced eye strain, making it perfect for extended reading and writing sessions.

Customized for Superior Performance: Equipped with an ARM Cortex A55 processor, default RAM storage of 2GB+32GB, and NPU process, the electronic notebook delivers smooth and responsive performance. With an Android-based operating system, it supports third-party apps, enhancing your ability to access rich content.

Intuitive Handwriting Experience: The ergonomically designed Wacom EMR (Electro-magnetic Resonance) pencil offers an authentic handwriting experience. With 4096-level pressure sensitivity and reduced lag time to 22ms, it delivers an intuitive paper-like interaction.

Efficient Content Management: Utilize our e-paper notebooks to take notes and highlight key points in the workplace or during business trips. Retrieve handwritten content with ease to access the information you need, significantly improving your productivity.

Sound & Image Capturing: Beyond note-taking, the e-ink digital notepad features built-in microphones for audio recording during essential meetings and a 12MP camera for capturing vital information.

Leisure-Time Enjoyment: With built-in speakers and support for various audio and image formats, the electronic notebook offers entertainment options for your leisure time. It’s a versatile combination of an E-Notebook and E-Reader.

Slim and Lightweight for On-the-Go: The e-ink digital notepad is incredibly slim, measuring just 0.3in (7.5mm) thick and weighing 396g. Whether you place it in your backpack or hold it in your hands, you can enjoy reading and writing anywhere without the burden of weight.

Tailored Business Solutions with a Grateful Heart: Seekink provides customizable electronic paper screens for your business, allowing you to specify product profiles, RAM, ROM, and more. Just share your requirements, and we’ll collaborate with you to deliver the products you need.

Choose Seekink for Your E-Paper Needs

Seekink Electronic Paper Displays, including our E-Paper Digital Notebooks, are designed to elevate your productivity and unleash your creativity. We are passionate about providing innovative tools that bridge the gap between traditional and modern, ensuring a more efficient and enjoyable work experience.

This Thanksgiving, we express our heartfelt gratitude to our customers, partners, and friends for their continued support and trust. Join us on this journey where technology, customization, and comfort unite to create a workspace that meets your unique needs. Seekink – where your ideas come to life, and gratitude fills the air.

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