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The Future of Health Care: Seekink’s Game-Changing Patient Room Digital Signage

Welcome to the future of patient care! In a world where technology is constantly evolving, Seekink‘s innovative patient room digital signage has revolutionized the way health care professionals interact with their patients. Replace traditional paper charts and static displays with a dynamic and interactive digital signage that enhances communication, accuracy, and ultimately elevates the level of care provided. Join us as we delve into this groundbreaking solution that promises to transform health care as we know it. Get ready to be captivated by the infinite possibilities of patient room digital signage supported by Seekink electronic paper display in enhancing patient care like never before!



Easy Access to Room Information


Our patient room digital signage is located in the hallway outside each patient’s room, providing doctors and nurses with basic patient information. The digital signage can be adjusted to include additional hospital notes, ensuring that health care personnel receive up-to-date information right away. It has the potential to simplify hospital operations, allowing for more efficient care delivery.


Quick Bluetooth Transmission


The Bluetooth 5.0 protocol is used by the patient room digital signage, enabling the quick and efficient wireless transmission of patient information such as name, disease, and phone number. Our smart digital signage helps hospitals better manage their data and decrease health care manual labor by digitizing patient information. This digital room signage also ensures that doctors and nurses have accurate and real-time patient information.


Environmental-friendly Design


When compared to traditional paper-based solutions, our digital signage helps reduce waste, lower carbon emissions and protect the environment. Your hospital, health care center, or medical institution may achieve environmental protection and save money by adopting our smart patient room digital signage.


Effortless Maintenance and Operation


The patient room digital signage uses a wireless Bluetooth base station that does not interfere with ward operation. Furthermore, this room digital signage has a 15m radius, allowing it to link and show information for numerous rooms, and delivering a hassle-free solution to hospital staff.




It is obvious that Seekink’s patient room digital signage has the potential to transform patient care in health care facilities. As a best e-paper digital signage company, Seekink can supply high-quality digital signage with cutting-edge electronic paper technology and also provide custom service to satisfy your needs. Seekink has offered one-stop solution for digital signage over 8 years and mastered core technology of manufacturing e-paper displays. You can trust that Seekink will offer you the best products in the e-paper industry.


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