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The Perfect Blend of Technology and Simplicity: Get to Know Seekink’s Electronic Ink Tablet

Seekink is an e-paper display startup established in June 2015, with Seekink electronic paper display as the major product. We aim to provide high-quality products and excellent services, and focus on EPD research and development, production, and sales. Seekink has created marketing and service networks in China and around the world, thanks to the first-class R&D and manufacturing equipment. Combined with technology and simplicity, electronic ink tablet is one of the most innovative products which blends technology and simplicity in our company. Next, we’ll introduce the features and benefits of this product to you.


Outstanding Features


High-resolution Display: The electronic ink tablet is specially designed for people who love to take lots of handwritten notes. It possesses a crystal-clear screen with a high resolution, making your writing and text look clear and sharp. The electronic tablet screen is equipped with anti-blue light glass, which reduces eye strain caused by extended use. With high screen-to-body ratio, the e-ink tablet maximizes the display area, allowing more information displayed at once.


Slim and Light-weight Design: The lightweight e-ink digital tablet is only 7.5mm thick and 396g, making it easy to carry. Just put it into your bag or hold it in your hands, to enjoy reading & writing anytime and anywhere, without feeling the stress of weight.


Various Benefits


Wide Viewing Angle: The e-ink digital tablet allows users to read from any position without any loss of contrast or clarity. This makes it perfect for sharing content with others and allows for a more comfortable reading experience for people with visual impairments.


Pleasant Handwriting Experience: Coming with an ergonomically designed pencil, the e-ink tablet delivers a true handwriting experience and provides intuitive paper-like interaction.


Better Content Management: Users can take notes and highlight points in the workplace or on business trips, just by using our e-ink tables. Moreover, you can retrieve the handwritten content to get the information you want, better managing your notes and files to improve your productivity.


Low Power Consumption: Compared to traditional LCDs, the absence of back-lighting means that energy is only required when there is an update in the display’s content. As a result, the electronic ink tablet can last a long time on a single charge depending on usage, which makes it an excellent choice for travelers.




In conclusion, Seekink’s electronic ink tablet offers numerous benefits that make it a popular choice. Its ability to provide a natural reading experience, low power consumption, high resolution display, wide viewing angle, and durability make it an attractive option for both consumers and manufacturers alike.