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Seekink – The Leading Electronic Paper Display Manufacturer for Smart Industries

Are you looking for a reliable provider of electronic paper displays (EPDs) for your smart industry projects? Look no further than SEEKINK electronic paper display, a leading national high-tech enterprise specializing in electronic paper display research and development, production, and sales.




Low power consumption: Electronic paper displays only use power when updating the screen content, which means they can last for weeks or months on a single charge. This reduces the need for frequent charging and battery replacement, saving energy and cost.


High readability: Electronic paper displays have a high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle, which make them easy to read even in bright sunlight or dark environments. They also do not cause eye strain or glare like LCD or LED screens.


Wide application: Electronic paper displays can be used for various purposes and scenarios, such as smart office, advertising, transportation, education, healthcare, etc. They can display static or dynamic information, such as text, images, graphics, animations, etc.


About us


Jiangxi Xingtai Technology Co., Ltd was established in June 2015 with a registered capital of RMB 286 million. The company is located in the Jizhou District Industrial Park, Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, and provides a complete solution for Electronic-Paper Displays (EPD). We specialize in research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, and assembly of EPD machines used in various fields such as smart education, transportation, medical, logistics, furniture, wearables and other IoT applications. As part of our commitment to being an industry leader, we also offer full lamination services that include module, front light, and CTP, as well as smart hardware manufacturing.


Why Choose Us


Our EPDs are designed with low-power consumption and high-quality display capabilities in mind. This makes them well-suited for a wide range of applications across different industries. With years of technology accumulations and product generations, SEEKINK has mastered core e-paper technologies and has led or participated in the formulation of a number of national and group criteria. Our company has played a leading role in the e-paper industry based on our amazing technical strength, advanced technology, excellent product quality, and increasing revenue. Over the years, SEEKINK has won many honorary awards and technical awards in terms of E-paper that made it be widely acknowledged by the society.


What you can get


At SEEKINK, we take pride in being a one-stop service provider for the vertical IoT ecological chain. Our EPDs are perfect for a variety of smart industries, including smart retail, smart education, smart office, smart healthcare, and smart logistics. Our EPDs can be used as electronic shelf labels, e-readers, hand-writing e-notebooks, and various other devices to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your operations.

We specialize in providing customized solutions for our customers’ needs. Whether you need an entire machine display or hardware customization services, our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best product possible. We also have established marketing and service networks in China and around the world to ensure timely delivery and exceptional customer support.




If you’re looking for a reliable provider of electronic paper displays for your smart industry projects, SEEKINK is the perfect choice. With our expertise in research and development, production, and sales of EPDs, we can provide you with customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help enhance your operations with our high-quality EPDs.

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