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Smart Education
Smart Education
Among all electronic display technologies, e-paper has neither backlight nor self-illumination, even if students read for a long time, it won’t easily cause visual fatigue and sore eyes, so e-paper tablet becomes the best choice for e-readers. At the same time, the application of e-paper in smart education also reduces the “burden” to students as an e-paper tablet integrates all books and children no longer need to carry their heavy schoolbags,in addition,a large amount of paper can be saved.
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Splicable E-paper Signage S253
S253 E-paper signage utilizes E Ink Gallery Plus color electronic paper display technology with cyan, magenta, yellow, and white electronic ink particles.
E-notebook H101
H101 E-notebook uses a 10.1” smart e-paper display that gives paper-like visual experience as E-paper features no emitted light itself.
Digital Whiteboard H420
H420 digital whiteboard uses a 42” black and white large-size electronic paper display with Android 12.0 OS.
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