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Seekink: Your Reliable Supplier of High-quality E-paper Display

Seekink is an e-paper display company founded in June 2015 with the registered capital of 286 million RMB. Seekink aims to provide superior products and excellent services with the core component-Seekink electronic paper display, and concentrates on research and development, production and sales of EPD. Equipped with first-class R&D and manufacturing equipment, Seekink has established marketing and service networks in China and around the world.



Noteworthy Advantages of Seekink Electronic Paper Display


Electronic paper displays (EPDs) use electronic ink technology to mimic the appearance of regular ink on paper, making them a suitable alternative for traditional printed materials. As an epaper display supplier, Seekink boasts more than 100 experts in the R&D center, and 1000 employees in the e-paper industry, making our EPDs have some noteworthy advantages compared to other traditional LCD or LED screens.


  1. Better readability: One of the most significant advantages of Seekink EPDs is their superior readability. Because EPDs do not emit any light, instead, they reflect ambient light just like real paper. This makes them easier on the eyes and reduces strain, especially for long periods of reading. The lack of back-light also means that there is no glare or reflection from external light sources, further enhancing the readability.


  1. Energy-efficient: EPDs are extremely energy-efficient as they only consume power when changing images or text on the screen. Once an image or text is displayed, it requires no additional power to maintain it on the screen. On the other hand, traditional LCD screens require a constant supply of electricity to keep displaying images or text. This makes e-paper displays ideal for devices with limited battery life such as e-readers and smart watches.


  1. Versatility: Unlike traditional LCD screens which have a fixed resolution and can only display one image at a time, EPDs offer versatility in terms of resolution and content flexibility. With advancements in technology, modern EPDs come with higher resolution options, making them suitable for displaying high-quality images and videos. Furthermore, EPDs also have the ability to update content dynamically, allowing for real-time information updates.


Satisfy the Needs of Environmental Protection


Seekink’s EPDs are also environmental-friendly without emitting any blue light, which is known to disrupt sleep patterns and cause eye strain. Additionally, since EPDs do not require constant power to function, they help conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions.


Moreover, these displays are highly durable as they do not have any back-light, which is a common failure point in traditional screens. This means they can withstand extreme temperatures and have a longer lifespan, further making them meet the current needs of environmental protection.




After learning about Seekink and the advantages of their innovative e-paper display technology, it is clear that they are a company to watch in the world of electronic displays. Seekink has been able to revolutionize the traditional e-paper display by incorporating advanced technologies and features that make their displays stand out from the rest. With the rapid advancement in technology, Seekink is continuously being explored to enhance the capabilities of e-paper displays.