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Smart Hospital

Smart Hospital

The application of e-paper to smart medical care has benefited the refined management of hospitals driven by digital solutions. It helps to create a safer, more comfortable and more efficient medical conditions and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

Product Applications


Concise Information Display, with Privacy Considerations

The 4.2-inch bedside screen displays concise patient information such as their name, age, and attending doctor. Out of privacy concerns, extra information can be integrated into a QR code. By scanning the QR code, healthcare professionals can explore the integrated information without compromising patient confidentiality, ensuring a balance between information accessibility and privacy protection.


Improve efficiency on rounds

Exposing patients to excessive light pollution can lead to increased tension and potentially worsen their condition. Our ePaper solutions offer a valuable solution by eliminating light pollution in the ward. Unlike traditional displays, ePaper technology ensures a comfortable caring setting for patients. By minimizing light pollution, we create a soothing environment that promotes relaxation and enhances the overall well-being of patients under our care.


Enhance internal communication

Display ward information clearly like the bed number, attending doctors, and caring cautions, etc., to help healthcare provider and visitors easily know the information.  Besides, healthcare facilities are usually busy with tight schedules filled with patient appointments. These establishments can benefit from using signage to communicate internal information due to the effectiveness and efficiency of this method.


Effective wayfinding signs

Navigating in large hospitals can be frustrating for patients and visitors, given the size, high activity, and unfamiliarity. Doorplates placed on the doors play a crucial role in directing patients and providing clear guidance. By facilitating wayfinding, patients can easily navigate the hospital premises, reducing their stress and improving their overall experience. Additionally, doorplates also benefit the staff by ensuring efficient navigation, allowing them to focus better on their duties and provide optimal care to patients.


Information at a glance

The bedside display conveniently showcases essential patient information such as their name, gender, age, diet, allergies, and relevant diagnostic details. Which allows doctors or nurses to quickly access and review important patient information at a glance, facilitating ease during daily ward rounds. By providing a concise overview of patient basics, our display enhances efficiency and streamlines healthcare workflows for improved patient care.


Targeted Care and Efficient Management

The digitalized information displayed on our system empowers nurses and caregivers to take targeted and informed care measures based on the displayed data. By seamlessly integrating the information into the hospital system, it not only saves valuable time for caregivers but also improves overall management efficiency. The ability to access and utilize patient information effectively enhances the quality of care provided and optimizes healthcare management processes.

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